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I’ve lived the Mission as a physiotherapist. I’ve lived the Mission as the Director of Mission and Ethics. I’ve lived the Mission through project roles to rebuild and renovate our facilities to meet growing community need. I’ve lived the Mission as an Executive across a number of portfolios, each dedicated to ensuring its sustainability … whether through the provision of support services for patients, or ensuring patients can access those services in an efficient manner.”
Dr John Gilmour, Group Director, Infrastructure and Clinical Support

Each year, I am proud to attend the Mater Staff Long Service Awards and celebrate the commitment of Mater People to the perpetuation of our Mission.

As someone who was honoured at the 2015 awards for 25 years of service, I took an opportunity to pause and reflect on this achievement, and the reasons why after this time, I am as excited about being a Mater Person now as I was more than a quarter of a century ago.

I began my career at Mater as a physiotherapist. After leaving for a while to work for the Australian Defence Force, I was drawn back to Mater, and our Mission … and it is this Mission that has kept me at Mater ever since.

After my return, I was blessed with the opportunity to be part of a project which saw me travel to Russia on four occasions between 1995 and 2002 to provide intensive physiotherapy treatment to children with a range of health concerns, including cerebral palsy. To be able to see children walk for the first time following surgery was a privilege which remains with me today. It was also during this time that I became Mater’s first lay Director of Mission and Ethics, which would be the start of a transition from clinical roles with direct patient care, to a series of roles in which I’ve been able to influence systems to further support the provision of this care.

These various roles have given me different and unique perspectives on how we deliver our Mission, while also reinforcing that the ways in which we provide care as an individual (and an organisation) may change, but our commitment to the provision of compassionate care remains steadfast.

To be able to congratulate those people who have committed to this Mission for an extraordinary amount of time through the Long Service Awards serves as a reminder that our identity as a Catholic organisation is as strong now as it was when the Sisters of Mercy established Mater.

Dr John Gilmour

Group Director, Infrastructure and Clinical Support

In 2015, 385 Mater People were recognised for their commitment to Mater, across 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service. The special awards ceremony, held on 17 September was attended by Chair, Mercy Partners Council, Dr Ray Campbell, Chairman of the Mater Group Board, Mr Brian Flannery, Group Chief Executive, Dr Shane Kelly,  Mater Group Executive and Mater People.


Chairman, Mater Board, Mr Brian Flannery, Chair, Mercy Partners Council, Ray Campbell and Group Chief Executive Officer Shane Kelly congratulate Lesley Yeates on 45 years of service.


Mr Brian Flannery, Group Director Mission Leadership, Ms Madonna McGahan, Deputy Chairman Mater Group Board, Mr Vince O’Rourke and Congregation Leader, Brisbane Sisters of Mercy, Sr Catherine Reuter were among those who attended.


Mater People Craig Elford and Gerard Gerreyn celebrate 30 years of service.

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