Our vision and strategy

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In the Mercy tradition, Mater will be renowned as a leader in the delivery of exceptional healthcare and experienced by all as a community of compassion.

Exceptional Every Time strategy

At the highest level, Mater seeks to improve healthcare through the consistent and strategic integration of health, education and research.

By enhancing and aligning existing capability and experience across Mater Health, Mater Education and Mater Research through the implementation of the Exceptional Every Time strategy, these previously somewhat independent, but soon to be highly integrated, ministries will continue to drive toward a common purpose—a healthy community.

Mater’s contribution to a healthy community will come from our commitment to the provision of safe, low-variability, evidence-based healthcare which meets identified community need.

Our future

In 2020, Mater is representative of a modern health service which continues to engage with patients and the broader community in the provision of evidence-based care which has a focus on the dignified treatment of each person. In addition to enabling significant and sustainable benefit for the community in line with our Mission, Mater will:

  • consistently deliver the highest quality clinical care and experience across all aspects of its business with a strong focus on integration and collaboration
  • deliver a sustainable margin for investment in our Mission and innovative health programs for the benefit of the community
  • translate research into practice in a structured and timely manner to deliver best-practice care for our patients
  • deliver education programs that provide evidence-based, continual improvement for health services and improve healthcare for our patients as well as health education for the community
  • provide the best possible patient care through access to research support and data for Mater clinicians and researchers as well as the broader healthcare community
  • be considered a valuable partner who is genuinely willing to share risk, provide innovative solutions and deliver value for all parties
  • be renowned for employing people who ask questions, find answers, implement change and monitor outcomes to ensure the highest standards of clinical care.

Our key performance areas

There are five aspects of continuous focus at Mater. They form the basis for all interactions, assessment and excellence across Mater’s business.

Safety: at Mater, there is nothing more important than safety. We do not seek credit for this; it is inherent in the Mater experience
and should be clearly evident to our staff, our patients and our visitors in all that we do. Every decision and every action taken by Mater People has safety as its guiding principle.

Experience: Mater People value customer service and consumer experience as a crucial part of each and every interaction. We know that the same motivation which drives us to deliver exceptional clinical outcomes should drive our approach to service. We seek to meet or exceed each and every person’s service expectations, each and every time.

Quality: at Mater we believe that quality comes from consistently seeking to provide safe, people-focused healthcare experiences.
Delivering evidence-based, low-variability healthcare, exceptional individualised customer service and a genuine commitment to Mater’s Values requires that all Mater People constantly seek to improve the quality of our service.

Efficiency: as a not-for-profit provider of health, education and research services, Mater People must seek opportunities to deliver services for more people, which means being innovative and
focussed and by demonstrating strong stewardship of our finite resources. At Mater this is managed in line with the Values of the organisation and with respect for and by each individual.

Future viability: consistently meeting the needs of the community means always seeking to improve, to innovate and to evolve. Mater
People are charged with the responsibility to look for new trends and opportunities which will ensure Mater can meet the challenges of the future by making sensible decisions today.

The Exceptional Every Time strategy is underpinned by our Mission and Values, which guide us in making appropriate decisions for a sustainable, socially relevant health service for the benefit of our community.