Measuring our benefit to the community

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Through our partnership with Micah Projects, Mater helps support the provision of compassionate healthcare to the homeless community in Brisbane, through initiatives such as Homeless to Home Healthcare—where Mater nurses work within teams at Brisbane Homeless Service Collaboration and Brisbane Common Ground as well as with an after-hours service to provide healthcare and support to those living rough.

Area of need
Gross benefit
Benefit to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through culturally sensitive care designed to improve health outcomes
$263 000
Benefit to those suffering addiction by providing appropriate care to reduce dependency
$1 851 000
Benefit to those with chronic disease by providing targeted care and clinical research in these areas
$2 782 000
Benefit to those seeking religious guidance by providing appropriate pastoral support and guidance to those in need
$1 996 000
Benefit to those who are living in poverty or seeking family support through various funds, programs or individual acts of charity
$5 819 000
Benefit to those who are from a refugee background through refugee health programs
$4 772 000
General benefit to the community, including clinical education, compassionate health programs for those who are homeless, and provision of mental health programs for those suffering from mental health issues
$3 849 000
Total community benefit
$21 332 000