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Mater exists to provide high quality compassionate healthcare for those who need it most, to undertake ground-breaking medical
research, and to teach and train current and future generations of healthcare workers.

We strive to continue a legacy entrusted to us by our founders—the Sisters of Mercy—as a ministry of Mercy Partners.

During 2015/16, Mater prioritised the enhancement of patient care and outcomes as well as efficiency via the closer integration of health, education and research.

The Mater Group Board endorsed the implementation of our Exceptional Every Time strategy—designed to align existing and developing capability and experience across health, education and research—to drive toward the end goal of a healthy community.

Our contribution to a healthy community will come from our commitment to the provision of safe, low-variability, evidence-based healthcare which meets identified community need.

What does this mean? It means enhancing the provision of safe, high-quality care to those we are privileged to serve. It means consistently delivering an experience for our consumers which is synonymous with the care for which Mater is renowned. It means acting in a financially responsible manner to ensure the sustainability of our Mission and Ministry into the future.

To support the implementation of Exceptional Every Time, Mater restructured in early 2016, with the organisation now functioning as a connected group under a single leadership team—Mater Group Executive—comprising leaders from across Mater Health, Mater Education, Mater Research, Mater Foundation and Corporate Support divisions.

This leadership team is committed to the sustainable delivery of our strategy, inclusive of the introduction of enhanced clinical leadership through the creation of medically-led clinical streams.

We are reorientating our services to align with these defined clinical streams—cancer care services; medical/chronic disease services; mothers, babies and women’s health services; neurosciences; and surgical/acute care services.

Each of these streams will be led by a triumvirate comprising a medical leader, nursing director and business manager. The Mater Group Board is also enhanced through stronger partnerships with the subsidiary Mater Medical Research Board, Mater Education Board and Mater Foundation Board, further reinforcing our commitment to integrating health, education and research across all levels of the organisation.

Significant change is never without its challenges, and we will continue to meet those that are presented to us as we continue to deliver and enhance service offerings across the Group.

Within this year’s Annual Review, we have shared our many achievements and milestones reached within the 2015/16 period. These accomplishments are as varied as the services we offer, but are underpinned by one unifying element—Mater People.

It is the commitment of all Mater People to the perpetuation of our Mission which has made our many achievements possible, and we recognise their exceptional efforts within this publication.

We thank you for your continued support of Mater as we work to serve and engage with our community to ensure the continued provision of compassionate care for those who need it most.

Dr Shane Kelly

Group Chief Executive Officer, Mater Misericordiae Ltd

Mr Brian Flannery

Chairman, Mater Misericordiae Ltd Board