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In 2015 and 2016, Mater continued to be recognised on state, national and international levels for an array of achievements. These include recognition of programs designed to improve the patient experience, those which reduce our carbon footprint, and those which recognise our commitment to exceptional patient care.

Sustainability at Mater

Mater’s Sustainability at Mater program was recognised in a number of ways during 2015/2016, highlighting our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

The wide ranging contributions of the program were the topics of case studies shared with the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network, and one of the program’s early initiatives—Turn it off—designed to reduce unnecessary power usage, was the topic of an article published in the ‘Frontiers of Psychology Journal’.

Mater was also invited to present at several external forums about the benefits of environmental sustainability within the healthcare sector, demonstrating our position as a leader in this area.

Sustainability at Mater continues to offer a wide array of benefits to Mater. In addition to the many benefits to the environment, financial savings as a result of these projects continue to be reinvested into the provision of compassionate patient care.

New Room Service model recognised

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane was awarded a CBORD International Visionary Award for the ‘Room Service Choice on Demand’ implemented across the hospital in 2013.

Driven by a desire to provide a better service to patients, the model allows patients to order meals at any time between 6.30 am and 7 pm and have their meal prepared fresh and delivered within 45 minutes.

An electronic menu management system monitors meals, ensuring patients only receive options that are compliant with their medical condition and specific dietary requirements and also alerts staff of missed meals so that the patient’s nutritional intake is constantly monitored.

Not only was Mater Private Hospital Brisbane the first hospital to implement room service within Australia, it was also one of the first hospitals to comprehensively analyse the benefits of a room service system and demonstrate it as a model for improving nutritional outcomes and financial sustainability.

Due to the success of the Room Service model at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, the service will be expanded in 2016, with Mater to become the first hospital in Australia to provide both public and private patients with personalised room service.

HCF hospital experience survey

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane and Mater Children’s Private Brisbane were ranked top nationally in the 2015 HCF hospital experience survey of more than 12 000 of its members.

The survey, compiled by Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer HCF, is undertaken annually and designed to provide benchmarking of hospital performance across the 100 hospitals most frequented by its members.

All three services ranked in the top five of hospitals nationally, reinforcing Mater’s commitment to being renowned for the provision of exceptional patient care.